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Expertise and experience for clean food processing



Process machines, distribution lines and transport or storage equipment within the food industry must maintain an exceptionally high standard. Stainless steel is an excellent material that meets the strict requirements for cleanliness and elimination of bacterial growth. Our expertise is well known and proven. We have a long history and tradition of manufacturing stainless steel solutions for the food industry.

We are your supplier for manufacturing parts or assembling modules, and your partner taking full responsibility for your equipment. Our complete inhouse production set-up makes it easy for you to control your orders and we can easily adapt to your report, improvement and change requirements.


  • Project management and design in Inventor
  • Cost reduction and production optimization projects
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Test, verification and traceability
  • Tact and buffer agreements
  • Sourcing of material and components


  • Piping and pressure vessels including orbital welding and automatic bending
  • Laser cutting, bending, rolling and punching of
    sheet metal
  • Licensed welding
  • Machining including bed milling, turning and floor type borer
  • Surface treatment such as grinding, blasting, pickling and tumbling
  • Assembly


  • A complete in-house production set-up of 16,000 m2

Quality assurance

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2