A revolutionary material

Stainless steel is a fantastic material with many unique properties. We have been working in stainless steel since the company started in 1984. The experience and knowhow we have gained over more than three decades has made us one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturers in stainless steel.

Rising popularity

The worldwide use of stainless steel is steadily growing. Over the last 30 years the annual increase has been 6%, and as new types of stainless steel are developed the number of applications grows. For example, the development of high-strength grades has increased the use of stainless steel in load-carrying constructions.

Low lifecycle costs

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel products gives them a very long lifespan. This leads to low investment and maintenance costs over time, resulting in low total cost of ownership.

Another advantage is the high price of scrap metal. When the product or system is worn-out, it still has substantial value.

Environmentally sustainable

Products made of stainless steel are rarely painted and are therefore easy to recycle. The material can be reused an infinite number of times without affecting quality.

The recycling rate is high and approximately 90% of all products made of stainless steel are recycled. Reusing the material saves up to 80% of the energy required to make new steel from iron ore.

The long lifespan and high recycling rate mean the environmental impact is much lower for stainless steel than for carbon steel.

Hygienic and attractive

Given the right surface treatment, a stainless-steel surface can be extremely smooth and easy to keep clean. Stainless steel does not emit contaminating substances. In combination with excellent hygiene, this has made stainless steel a favourite material in the pharma, processing and food & beverage industries.

The shiny surface has an aesthetic quality appreciated by many. Together with its long lifespan, this has given stainless steel a prominent role in architecture.

Must be protected from carbon steel

Particles of carbon steel that come in contact with stainless steel can cause corrosion. The particles will start to corrode if they are exposed to moisture. Once the process has started, corrosion can spread to the stainless steel. It is therefore very important that all stainless material is protected from carbon steel shavings and dust during production.

Suppliers working with both carbon and stainless steel can have difficulties protecting their stainless steel products from contamination, not least during sheet metal forming where particles from previous carbon steel parts can stick to the machine and be pressed into the stainless steel.

To guarantee that our products are free from any carbon steel contamination we only work with stainless steel. Our workshop has been free from carbon steel for the last ten years.