Our experienced designers help you optimize your designs to secure the right quality, best functionality and lowest production cost. They can also assist with complete designs if required.

Good advice

For best results, and to take full advantage of our engineers’ expertise, we recommend continuous cooperation from an early stage of the development process. Our designers will help you optimize the designs by advising on the best location for welds, how to minimize materials usage, suitable tolerances and materials, and more.

For larger products we can optimize them for easy installation and transport by dividing them into modules.

Extensive network

We have a well-established network of partners to assist with more advanced design tasks, such as strength calculations and simulations of flow dynamics.

The right material

Our designers have long experience from a range of demanding applications and help you select the right material for your operating conditions. We work with all types of stainless steel, including Duplex and acid-proof stainless steel.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss how we can help you realize a new idea or optimize an existing product. You can find our contact details on our contact page.