Meeting the highest standards for patient safety

With a focus on high quality, documentation and on-time deliveries, RFR Solutions has developed close partnerships with several producers of medtech equipment and pharmaceuticals. We have a thorough understanding of the regulatory demands for patient safety and we support you through the entire process from initial design to approved product.

When hygiene comes first

We have the production and quality control processes required to produce pharma and medtech equipment that fulfils the most stringent hygiene requirements. We make sure all surfaces have the specified smoothness and that all welds are free from pores and crevices.

Quality in every detail

Testing is a central part of our quality management work. Most often accredited laboratories perform the tests to guarantee an objective assessment. You are of course also welcome to perform FAT tests at our site.

Traceability and documentation

We deliver complete documentation with all certificates, test protocols, etc. according to your requirements and standards. Thanks to our ERP system we have full traceability of all materials used.


Products we have manufactured include equipment for pharmaceuticals production, transplants and radiation containment.

We have long experience of producing equipment that is subjected to radiation, such as equipment for production of contrast fluid and radiation shields.

Another field of expertise is vacuum technology. We have manufactured many vacuum chambers, including leak testing with helium.