Scientific equipment for extreme conditions

RFR Solutions cooperates with scientists at leading Swedish universities in projects where we are developing and manufacturing advanced equipment for some of the world’s top research facilities, such as CERN and MAX IV.

We also take an active part in the construction of ESS (European Spallation Source), assisting in various parts of the project.

Making the impossible possible

In our Big Science projects we often face completely new challenges. Extreme demands on tolerances and temperatures, for example, have often forced us to invent new designs and manufacturing methods.

Our material know-how is very useful in these projects and we often help optimize the designs for easy and efficient production, high quality and maximum functionality.


There are often production challenges that have to be addressed to meet the specifications. One example is that the equipment must not be magnetized during production. Since stainless steel can be magnetized during welding and machining, special measures must be taken to avoid this.

The extremely low operating temperatures, down to zero Kelvin (-273°C / -459°F) for some types of equipment, is another challenge. Stainless steel is very suitable for low-temperature applications, but it is crucial to choose the right grade and to be very thorough during welding.


Rigorous documentation is a standard requirement in Big Science projects. We have all the processes and routines in place to deliver complete documentation, including all material certificates, test protocols, etc.


  • Cryogenic equipment
  • Containments for radioactive environments
  • Stands and support structures