We are specialists in producing smaller series of high-quality components and systems in stainless steel. Our skilled and committed staff, flexible production facility and strong customer focus ensure you get the best possible functionality, the right quality, deliveries on time and low production costs.

Complete production facility

Since we only work in stainless steel, there is no risk of contamination from carbon steel in our workshop.

We execute most tasks ourselves, and rarely sub-contract, in order to have full control over the quality and production process. We work in sheet metal, rods and tubes and specialize in welding, machining, laser cutting (sheet metal and tubes), assembly and tube manufacturing.

Many of our customers have very high requirements on surface treatment, and we offer blasting, environmentally sustainable pickling, mechanical polishing and electropolishing.

Our flexible workshop has the machinery, floor space and lifting capacity required for manufacturing large products such as big tanks.

Experts in stainless steel

Working in stainless steel brings a range of challenges, for example that the thermal expansion is larger than for carbon steel. This means welding and machining cause shape changes that have to be addressed to get the right tolerances.

We have worked with stainless steel since 1984 and have the experience and skills required to deliver first-class results. We work with all types of stainless steel (including SMO and Duplex) and know how to design and manufacture high-quality products.

Full control for maximum quality

RFR Solutions is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. We continuously invest in digital systems that help us improve quality and increase efficiency. One example is our ERP system, which ties together all parts of our manufacturing processes. This gives us real-time control over our production and lets us keep track of all components and their stages of completion. Another example is that we have connected our CAD system to our production machines.

High-quality welding

Most of our projects involve welding. Welding in stainless steel puts great demands on the individual welder as well as the company’s system of routines and instructions. Over the years we have developed a high level of expertise in welding stainless steel. We work according to a third-party certified welding process quality management system that meets the highest standards in ISO 3834-2.

We work according to welding procedure specifications (WPS) that have been developed in cooperation with external consultants, and use welding instructions where required.

All our welders are trained in ISO 5817, certified and take regular tests to ensure quality.

Quality tests

Continuous controls and tests are natural parts of our work. Our quality tests are performed by our own staff and by accredited laboratories. The tests we offer include:

  • Visual controls
  • Dye penetrant tests
  • X-ray scans
  • Helium leak tests
  • Ultrasound inspections

You are welcome to perform FAT tests at our site.


We supply complete documentation, all according to our customers’ demands. This might include measurement protocols, material certificates, weld test protocols and test protocols.

Our ERP system gives us full traceability of all materials we use, ensuring you always get the right material certificate.

Pressure vessels

RFR Solutions is PED certified for manufacturing of pressure vessels.

Contact us

We would be happy to meet you and discuss how we can support you as a subcontractor. You can find our contact details on our contact page.