RFR Solutions initiates collaboration with CERN and Uppsala University


Cryogenics that treat very low temperatures are crucial for various applications in our society. Today´s applications include biomedicine and research facilities. Number of companies that have expertise in this area and who can supply equipment is limited. Very often, these companies are, or have been, linked to a university or research facility.

In upgrading LHC at CERN, there will be a need for further development of cryogenic components. An approx. 100 meter long superconducting link needs to be built between the LHC accelerator and the magnet power unit in a separate tunnel next to the actual accelerator. As the environment in the accelerator tunnel contains radioactive radiation, necessary equipment is placed in a tunnel next to, a so-called "gallery".

In a joint development project, CERN, Uppsala University / FREIA Laboratory and RFR Solutions want to design, construct and manufacture a prototype, that will connect 37 incoming copper cables from power generators with the superconducting link, which in turn contains 37 single superconducting cables. To do this, you need to make different transitions where the temperature is gradually reduced from 20°C down to approx. 2 Kelvin (-271°C). The project is partly financed by Vinnova.

Knowledge in this area will contribute to increased competence development for RFR Solutions and its employees, which in the long term can open up new business opportunities and make the company an attractive employer.