RFR Solutions has been selected as the supplier for the Hi-Lumi HL-LHC project at CERN in Switzerland


The order is a continuation after we built the first prototype DFHX which is now being validated at CERN, see more in the link. The contract is of high value for RFR Solutions and deliveries will take place during 2022 - 2023. As part of the project, RFR Solutions will also build a new test and measurement center with, among other things, leak detection, dimension control etc.

The order is the main part of Sweden's first K-contract with CERN and is made in collaboration with Uppsala University. Tord Ekelöf, professor of particle physics, has been the initiator and leader in the project to sign Sweden's first contract where cooperation and competence exchange are at the center.

The project concerns the development of cryostats for interconnection of superconducting cables that conduct currents of hundreds of thousands of amperes which are needed for the upgrade of the particle accelerator HL-LHC at CERN. RFR Solutions will manufacture components for the cryostats that have high demands on, among other things, high vacuum and function at very low temperatures of around 20 Kelvin (-250 ° C).