RFR Solutions AB in Landskrona recruits new CEO.


Benny Björkander has been recruited to the role as new CEO for RFR Solutions AB in Landskrona. Benny will succeed current CEO Mats Orup who will retire on August 1 st after 12 years in the company. Mats Orup will continue to be active in RFR Solutions AB during a transitional period as member of the Board.

Benny has previous experience from roles within the ABB Group, Rotech Paint Automation and PartnerTech/Scanfil. His latest assignment was CEO of Krohne Inor. Benny has a wealth of international experience from manufacturing industries and has during the last decades been working with tailored solutions and projects for clients in all sizes. In his assignments, Benny has led both large and small organizations with documented successes within business development, change management, digitalization, and quality focused R&D projects.

– We are pleased to see Benny as new CEO of RFR Solutions. With Benny joining the team, RFR Solutions gets a modern leader with great experience and commitment. Benny is driven by identifying new opportunities and finding new markets in which to apply RFR Solutions’ great technical expertise within stainless steel solutions. – Börje Andersson, Chairman of the Board.

- I’m motivated to bring RFR Solutions and the expertise and know-how towards new business possibilities. There is a market demand for partners that supports the client in every step of the process from construction to complete delivery and installation. The requirements from clients in our market are sky high which suits RFR Solutions perfectly considering the meticulous approach to everything from design, construction, documentation, and execution. I am eager to develop RFR Solutions to even better serve current clients and finding new exciting markets. – Benny Björkander.